St​.​Jude Feat Nia Wyn- The Wheel (Watch It Burn)

by St.Jude

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The highly anticipated collaboration between conscious lyricist St.Jude and blues sensation Nia Wyn is finally here! The two artists combine their unique styles to create a poignant and thought provoking track, inspired by the waves of social injustice that currently face us all. Successfully weaving images of social commentary over Opus Dice's hard hitting production, the duo are set to strike a chord in both musical and political communities.

‘The Wheel (Watch It Burn)’ is the first single from St. Jude’s upcoming project 'Natural Progression'. This song encapsulates societal problems and divisions in today’s post Brexit Britain, yet holds the firm belief that we can unite for the benefit of everyone. Both artists describe their awareness of repeated global injustices, yet demonstrate an optimistic outlook for the future.
This combined with dark acoustic samples, live guitar, melodic keys and rolling percussion have set an exciting precedent for future 4D releases.

Furthermore, the subtle presence of philosophical work by Boethius perfectly compliments the descriptive nature of the verses. This juxtaposing notion of time passing us by like a wheel, demonstrates that whether terrific or tragic, key moments of history are impermanent and always changing.

Single available to download for 99p. All proceeds will be donated between two charities supporting displaced people in the Jungle Refugee Camp- Calais.


Verse 1

What's a man to do?
Life can make and break quite a few.
Knuckles bruised, black and blue
if you've got a problem
get to the back of the queue.
Talk quite rude
let me show you what I do
pass through dudes
spewing lyrics on Youtube
and my crew, will see me through
economic recessions and military cues.
We pass through hard days into nights
with a head full of liquor
and a book full of rhymes.
Always in my prime, like primo and 5 9
redefine my design
through this every day grind.
You'll find more crime, living in the square mile
but find half the perpetrators never face trial.
History repeats in the British Isles
see through the lies and the fat cat smiles.


Think we've been here before
but I'm not sure
I'm not sure I've seen this scene
but one day, we will break free
we will break free from the turning wheel

Verse 2

In the short time I've been alive
seen enough instability
to last a life time!
governments provide arms for both sides
then wash their hands of the genocide
war crimes on the news
people fleeing all around
do you just shake your head, pull a slight frown?
hate to see it when a little kid drowns
but still don't want refugees in your town!
Out of sight out of mind
that's what they say
plus you've got mad bills and rent to pay
stuck in a rat-race living day to day
and you're not to blame
for what the media states.
But it's not too late, don't touch that dial
cross reference, read and compile
the past won't repeat in the British Isles
if each one teach one, like Furious Styles


Think we've been here before
but I'm not sure
I'm not sure I've seen this scene
but one day, we will break free
we will break free from the turning wheel

Verse 3

We're seeing it again before our eyes,
do you never feel helpless or wonder why you see
the news reporting, nobody watching
New trigger, same hand, fresh death, different land,
Been here before so we gotta understand
Why do we watch people running for their lives?
Trip em up knock em down watch em starve see em drown
The jungle is burning, burning to the ground
But through the rubble there must be a chance that
people can change their minds
People can make a stand
The Wheel can stop. Let's crash this car and together watch it burn, burn


released July 20, 2016
Lyrics written by St.Jude & Nia Wyn
Track produced by Opus Dice



all rights reserved